Tutorial : Getting started with Elk

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This tutorial will show you how to:

Level: beginner

Expected time: 15 minutes


Download and run the application

Unzip the software

Once downloaded, please unzip the file called 'elk_0_1_xxx.zip' (you should have win32 or win64 instead of xxx). The folder application contains the file 'Elk.exe'. Please double click on it.

Provide license file

After launching the platform for the first time, a dialog should appear. Please provide the license file we send you for Elk.
After providing the license, the application appears.

From root space to project

The root space

At first run, root space will show up.

Create and open workspace

From the menu-bar, select "File | New workspace"
Dialog shows up. Click "OK" button.
Newly created workspace is open.

Create and open project

From the menu-bar, select "File | New project".
Dialog shows up. Enter new project's name, next click "OK" button.
Newly created project is open, showing the welcome tab in the "Manage" perspective.

Use the Geo-located objects tab

Switch from welcome tab, to the tab called "Geo-located objects".
In the right panel, corresponding to Earth view, click on radio-button located in the toolbar called 'Flat'. The Earth representation changes from round to flat. Zoom on Earth with wheel mouse.
That's it!

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