Tutorial : Display WMS maps on Elk

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This tutorial will show you how to:

Level: beginner

Expected time: 15 minutes


From root space to run perspective

Launch Elk

Please start Elk.
At first run, root space will show up.

Create and open workspace

From the menubar, select "File | New workspace"
Dialog shows up. Click "OK" button
Newly created workspace is open

Create and open project

From the menubar, select "File | New project"
Dialog shows up. Enter new project's name, next click "OK" button
Newly created project is open, showing "Manage" perspective.

Create WMS server entry

From "Manage" perspective, select "OGC Services" tab.
This tab is composed of, from left to right:

  1. Control,
  2. Display.

Mouse right-click on "WMS servers" node located in "Control", next select "New WMS server" from contextual menu.
Dialog shows up. Select first URL from the drop-down list, next click "OK" button.

Display WMS layers in secondary window

Switch to "Run" perspective by using from menubar "Perspectives | Run".
Open up secondary window by using from menubar "View | Viewers | Globe viewer".
Globe viewer shows up. From "Control" on the left, mouse-right click on first layer to display contextual menu, select "Show".
Respective layer is being displayed to earth.

That's it!

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