Shg 1D Lithology

From a set of drilling, a mean lithological log is computed.
Each layer of the log has a set of properties mean values..

Supported drilling kinds are :

Supported layer property kinds are :

Mean values correspond to :

Usage of this plugin assumes that:

Shg 1D Lithology - Différents modèles géologiques rencontrés lors de l'utilisation du module géotechnique Different kinds of geological models.

Input data

Shg 1D Lithology - Input data

Plugin input data are wells of two kinds : penetrometers (at the bottom left corner) and pressuremeters (at the right hand). These wells are geolocalized on Earth viewer (at the top right corner).

Plugin usage

Shg 1D Lithology - Plugin usage

The last page of the wizard has a set of chart. From left to right :

On Em, Pl* et Qd charts, mean values are displayed for each layer, if they could be computed.


Shg 1D Lithology - Results

Lithological log is saved, output layers are saved and mean values are displayed.