Tutorial : Install the plugin

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This tutorial will show you how to:

Level: beginner

Expected time: 5 minutes


Install the plugin

From Elk menubar click on 'Tools | Manage plugins' (Fig 1).

Open 'Manage plugins' dialog
Fig 1: Open 'Manage plugins' dialog.

A dialog called 'Elk - Manage plugins' shows up.
Mouse left-click on the 'Plus' button (Fig 2).

Add a plugin in 'Manage plugins' dialog
Fig 2: Add a plugin in 'Manage plugins' dialog.

Navigate till you reach the file called 'plg_ShgBearingCapacity.jar'
Click 'Open' button (Fig 3).

Select the plugin jar file
Fig 3: Select the plugin jar file.

Plugin is succesfully installed and active (Fig 4).

Plugin is installed and active
Fig 4 : Plugin is installed and active.

That's it!

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