Shg Settlement

Shg Settlement extends geotechnical software platform Elk.
The plugin computes settlement bellow shallow foundations using pressiometric data, and generate pdf reports.

Input data

In order to use this plugin, the following data should be inputed in Elk software platform:

Plugin usage

Several pages allow to compute the parameters needed for the computation of the settlement below foundation.

Determine alpha value with Shg Settlement plugin
Plugin page #4: determine α value.

Determine Ec and Ed values with Shg Settlement plugin
Plugin page #6: determine Ec and Ed values.


The settlement value is computed in cm. A pdf file could be generated, depending on user choice.
This file is associated to the foundation and contains computation parameters.

Plugin last page - Shg Settlement
Plugin last page, with s, the settlement value, and all intermediate results.

Automatically generated pdf report with geotechnical plugin Shg Settlement
Automatically generated pdf report